Kevin Beaty, manager of Simplectic, LLC, has a résumé packed with tech acronyms like REST, SQL, R, AWS, and iOS. That’s all to say he has a knack for getting computers to do your work for you.

Kevin enjoys focusing on things most people run from: statistics, data mining, machine learning and computational biology. In reality, it’s all just stuff that can help anyone get more out of less work.

He’s only 80% geek. Kevin was born and raised in Nebraska, with Midwest values to match. He enjoys farmer’s markets, trekking in the woods and playing cheerleader and spectator in his kids sporting events and concerts. If you were to meet him for coffee, Kevin would be less likely to ramble on about PostgreSQL, NumPy, Android, and Nginx and more likely to share his latest suggestions for gritty diners or creative restaurants.

Kevin makes computers do what he wants, but he’s just as good at relating to what you want. He’s nicely human that way.