Kevin Beaty, manager and consultant at Simplectic, LLC, has software running on cruise ships, luxury hotels, alpaca farms, government agencies, remote clinics, and research universities. He has well over a decade of experience including web development, image processing, data analysis, web services, database development and application software. He's led teams and travelled halfway around the world to discuss and improve his creations.

He’s only 80% geek. Kevin was born and raised in Nebraska, with Midwest values to match. He enjoys farmer’s markets, baking bread, and watching his kids do whatever it is they decided to do this week. If you were to meet him for coffee, Kevin would be less likely to ramble on about Python, AWS, Java, PostgreSQL, Ansible, or RabbitMQ, and more likely to share his latest restaurant suggestions or bread and pizza recipes.

Kevin makes computers do what he wants, but he’s just as good at relating to what you want. He’s nicely human that way.